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Anna Morris: Kid-Life Crisis


Anna Morris: Kid-Life Crisis

The Caroline of Brunswick

39 Ditchling Road
Upstairs: JUN 21 at 19:00 (60 min) - From £6

Anna Morris: Kid-Life Crisis

The Quadrant

12 North Street (Bottom of Queens Road by the Clocktower)
Upstairs: JUN 23-24 at 19:00 (60 min) - From £6

Anna Morris: Kid-Life Crisis

Award-winning character comedian Anna Morris (Ch4's Lee and Dean) returns to Brighton with her debut stand-up show. A work-in-progress in the lead-up to a BBC Radio 4 recording of same name. For the first time in her career, Morris steps-out of her much-loved characters and reveals a side we've never seen.

Anna welcomes you to share her kid-life crisis as she approaches 40 and contemplates Motherhood. Anna's having a very female mid-life crisis. Men turn to a leather jacket, a sports car, younger woman and are told they're more attractive as they age. Anna has bagged the younger man, but looks like a tosser in a leather jacket, can't drive, has been offered botox by her own PR person, can't afford her rent and still suffers from acne.

Friends and strangers unhelpfully keep reminding her that she “hasn’t got long!” and “better hurry up!” and procreate. But does she really want children…or is it even possible? A recent smear test resulted in being told her cervix is ‘incompetent’. Anna thinks that might just sum up her life.

Kid-Life Crisis is an honest, funny and warm show about doing things differently.

"The most original actress/comedian since Victoria Wood" Daily Express

“Great comedy...beautifully crafted” The Independent

“Darkly hilarious” Grazia

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