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Ram of God


Ram of God

The Caroline of Brunswick

39 Ditchling Road
Upstairs: JUN 17-19 at 20:45 (60 min) - From £8

Ram of God




Welcome to the church of Ram, where people are sheeple, sheep are people and the world is one short throw away from blowing up in a cloud of smoke. Come to The Temple, rest your head against the holy breast and suckle on the holy teat. Ram is your saviour, here to lead the way to salvation, through absurdist dogma, higher plane sailing and the holy seeing of the baa baa baaaad things that are to come…

Ram of God is an immersive theatrical sermon, an irreverent take on religious ceremony and secular alternatives like social media, horoscopes, conspiracy theories, political protest and the rantings of obscure online subcommunities. Exploring gender, privilege and idols – who we worship and how that dynamic is created. It is a solo performance by Ram of God, a pessimistic sheep prophet of a nonsense, contemporary religion that warns of the imminent apocalypse and of not waking up, sheeple. Developed as part of the Soho Theatre Cabaret & Drag Lab 2019, Ram of God debuts at Brighton fringe.

‘Theodora van der Beek is a brilliantly understated comic writer and performer who draws on the work of Andy Warhol and Lady Gaga, as well as the punk spirit of Deborah Harry and the Sex Pistols’

The Scotsman

4 stars

All are welcomed at the Church of Ram: participation accepted thankfully, but not enforced.

Adult themes.