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Million Dollar Maybe (PREVIEW)


Million Dollar Maybe (PREVIEW)

The Quadrant

12 North Street (Bottom of Queens Road by the Clocktower)
Upstairs: JUN 12, 19-20 at 15:30 (60 min) - From £5

Million Dollar Maybe (PREVIEW)

The Walrus

10 Ship Street
Downstairs: JUN 26-27 at 13:45 (60 min) - From £5

Million Dollar Maybe (PREVIEW)

Ever been so determined to be right, you almost ruined your life? Me neither.

Award-winning comedian Robyn Perkins uses true life experience (laced with science) to tell her hilarious story about competitiveness, bisexuality and imposter syndrome.

‘Smart, engaging, fun and funny.’ ★★★★ Chortle

Sydney Fringe 2019 Best in Comedy Award Winner