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Fantastic Flatulence (and where to find it)


Fantastic Flatulence (and where to find it)

The Quadrant

12 North Street (Bottom of Queens Road by the Clocktower)
Upstairs: MAY 29-31, JUN 1-6 at 13:15 (60 min) - From £6
Upstairs: MAY 29-31, JUN 1-6 at 15:30 (60 min) - From £6

Fantastic Flatulence (and where to find it)

Award-winning children's author Stuart Reid lets rip with a brilliant bout of bums, boogers and big bottom burps, bringing his books to life with mirth, madness and mayhem! His Brighton Fringe show in 2019 was a complete sell-out, so tickets are expected to sell fast... in fact, faster than following through with fantastic flatulence.

Warning... this show may contain a video of a monkey scratching its bottom. This show may contain great big piles of elephant poo. And it will definitely contain side-splitting comedy, laughter and entertainment for children of all ages... from 4 years to 94 year olds!

Another warning... some people have been known to wet themselves at these shows. If you suffer from bladder weakness or are worried that this author may induce an episode of uncontrolled incontinence, please bring sufficient supplies of clean underwear, nappies, TENA Men*, TENA Ladies* or the underpants protection of your choice. *Other incontinence products are available

And there may be snot... You have been warned!