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After Aulis THEATRE 
MAY 5-8 at 18:00 (60 min) - £6-£7 
Nia's found her true love, and it isn't her fiancé. Soon she's going to have to make a choice, but it's not the one you think. After Aulis is an award-winning black (and blue) comedy, inspired by Eu...
The Quadrant / Upstairs 

Caitlin Cook: Death Wish COMEDY 
MAY 7-8, 28-29 at 18:15 (60 min) - Free 
Since she was seventeen, Caitlin Cook has lived by a code: if something scares her, she has to do it. Or, as she says, "It's better to face your fears than fear your face." Not your conventional stand...
The Temple Bar / Upstairs 

The Adventures of the Bearded Lady THEATRE 
MAY 4-8 at 19:00 (60 min) - £5/£3 
I’m the Bearded Lady, I’m fearless and I’m shady, I’ve hair on my back and my muscles are stacked, My Adam’s apple is fully intact and I eat my meat with gravy! I weep all night when I drink, I eat ...
The Caroline of Brunswick / Upstairs 

Broken hooters and geezers with shooters COMEDY 
MAY 7-9, JUN 2 at 19:15 (60 min) - Free 
Friendly Cornish giant Matt Price was asked to work on a writing project with a former criminal. This is the true and very funny story of what happened next. If you like an epic yarn with twists and t...
The Quadrant / Upstairs 

Oleg Denisov: Russian Troll (WIP) COMEDY 
MAY 6-9 at 19:30 (60 min) - Free 
Days of myths and fairytales are gone. We know the truth alright – now how do we live with each other? Moscow’s top satirical stand-up, philosopher by training and Russia’s Fringe veteran Oleg Denisov...
The Temple Bar / Upstairs 

Milo McCabe: Reality Bites Troy Hawke! COMEDY 
MAY 8, 15, 22, 29 at 20:15 (60 min) - Free 
Troy Hawke escaped from his mother's clutches over four years ago now. The honeymoon period is over. This impeccable 1930's throwback finds himself trying to work out exactly what his purpose in life ...
The Caroline of Brunswick / Upstairs 

Laughing Horse Pick Of The Fringe COMEDY 
MAY 3-31, JUN 1-2 at 20:30 (90 min) - £5-£8 
A selection of the very best in stand-up comedy at Brighton Fringe. A succulent smorgasbord of fantastically funny stand-up comedy headliners alongside the best in fresh new talent, with five differe...
The Quadrant / Upstairs 

Edy Hurst: Hurst Schmurst COMEDY 
MAY 7-8 at 21:30 (60 min) - Free 
Award Winning Comedian Edy Hurst brings his musical comedy, loop pedal nonsense and stand up to answer the age old question: ‘What’s the deal with Edy Hurst? Who even is he? Where am I? What?’ Nomina...
The Caroline of Brunswick / Upstairs 

Matt McGuinness - We Are What We Overcome SPOKEN WORD 
MAY 6-8 at 22:15 (60 min) - Free 
Musician and performer Matt McGuinness presents his debut solo show as part of his current UK tour. Uplifting, anthemic tunes punctuate stories and conversation, shedding light on mental health with s...
The Quadrant / Upstairs 


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