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The Caroline of Brunswick

39 Ditchling Road
Upstairs: MAY 29-31 at 17:15 (60 min) - From £3
Upstairs: JUN 1 at 19:00 (60 min) - From £3


Building a world with words then painting it impossibly vibrant colours, this is blind craft.

Tales of Hamlet the mysteriously quiet dog, tales of the blind Hogwarts, tails or head it doesn’t matter what we call we always lose the coin toss because we see the world in a different way.

We have blind jokes and stories of sightless travails, but we are so much more than blind comedians, Richard Wheatley is a high energy nerd with a talent for audience chat and Stephen is a neurotic with OCD and a surreal sense of the abstract, and a blind neurotic can get seriously abstract!

Two blind stand-ups with totally contrasting styles, Young and old, cerebral humour or cheap laughs, we have you covered.

Come with us as we lead you into the brightly coloured darkness of the blind, hear our stories, laugh at us when we inevitably walk into the microphone stand or fall off the stage and gasp with amazement as we turn that fall into a somersault and land perfectly in the chair deliberately left empty… okay that might be unlikely but now I write it I think I might have to try.

Stephen Portlock: “Excellent” Ultimate Radio

Richard Wheatley: “blindingly funny *****” the Deric Awards, Edinburgh August 2019